The first generation of diesel trucks in Canada was slow, smelly, and their vibrating engines made them unpleasant to drive. And though diesel has undergone a lot of changes over the past few decades, the perception that diesel trucks are agricultural still holds strong in a lot of people’s minds. However, education is key, and at JD Diagnostics we have made it our mission to enlighten on the cost and benefits of diesel trucks.

Cost of Owning a Diesel Truck

To increase your chances of landing a cost-effective diesel truck, look at ½-ton and smaller pickups. Though larger cars pack more power, you reduce your cost-effectiveness when you look for those above ¾-tons.

Diesel trucks have a higher cost of ownership owing to their price premium. They cost $9,668 more than their gasoline counterparts. These price premiums lead to a higher cost of taxes and depreciation, which are not offset by diesel fuel saving.

But it is not all doom and gloom. Here are some pros to consider before you write off diesel trucks.

Fuel Efficiency

A diesel car will get about 30% more miles per gallon compared to gasoline-powered counterparts, and though the number is lower in trucks, it stands at 20%. Unlike other countries where diesel is more expensive than gas, they are priced almost the same in Canada. As such, you will save on fuel, and make fewer trips to the pump.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Diesel engines require less maintenance as they do not rely on spark plugs or distributors. Yes, frequent oil changes are necessary, but it is still cheaper to maintain.


Though power is difficult to quantify, it will result in savings or efficiency in your business. Diesel trucks produce high low-end torque meaning then can accelerate faster than their gasoline counterparts.

Resale Value

Seeing as a diesel engine costs more, you can expect the resale value to be higher. Furthermore, the depreciation is lower compared to gasoline cars as the vehicle is made to last. The engine is durable, powerful, and will last longer.

Lower Fire Hazard

Though difficult to quantify, diesel engines have a lower chance of igniting in case of an accident. We cannot put this in monetary terms, but not burning to death is always welcome.

Diesel engines only make 3% of the North American (including Canada) automobiles, and we would love to see that increase. If you have any questions about diesel truck maintenance, feel free to contact us.

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